Meet Eamonn Burke, a seasoned U14 boys manager with an impressive background in sports and agriculture. Throughout his journey, he has acquired valuable experience and guidance from notable figures like Jarlath Hennelly and David Moylan, which has shaped his approach to coaching.

During his younger days, Eamonn was a dedicated player at Corrib Celtic, showcasing his skills at the underage level. Simultaneously, he embraced a full-time farming career, juggling his passion for sports with his responsibilities as a farmer.

Eamonn’s commitment to personal growth and success knows no bounds. In 2022, he achieved a significant milestone by securing an All Ireland ploughing championship for both his club and county. Such triumphs are a testament to his unwavering determination and dedication.

This year, Eamonn has set a clear theme for his players:


“No excuses” and “Respect.”


These principles will drive the team’s performance on and off the field, fostering a culture of accountability and mutual respect among the players.

Acknowledging the support of the parents, Eamonn expresses his heartfelt gratitude for entrusting their children to Corrib Celtic FC. He appreciates their unwavering commitment in attending training sessions, cheering at home games, and even traveling for away matches.